Veterinary medicine.

papimi has proven to be an excellent therapeutical method of treatment in the field of veterinary medicine.

Just like the human somatic cell in the field of human medicine, the animal cell represents the foundation for a healthy organism and well-being. The use of papimi improves blood circulation and oxygen partial pressure.

Especially horses are highly sensitive and react well to the ion-induction therapy. But also the treatment of small animals can be carried out through the use of papimi.

A placebo effect can be ruled out. papimi is appreciated by many veterinarians and an increasing number of specialists integrate the IIT in their therapeutic concepts or use papimi as a single therapy during their day-to-day treatments.

The aim is to regain the animal’s natural quality of life through an intact cell complex and through healthy organs.

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papimi has become an important component in the treatment of our patients! An uncomplicated and highly effective treatment!

How is papimi used on animals?

  • During inflammation or degenerative diseases of tendons, ligaments, cartilages & joints
  • For optimization of the bodily and energetic performance levels
  • During wound treatment (also wounds that cannot be treated surgically – without formation of venison or scars)
  • For diagnostics with significant results
  • For the specific rehabilitation after surgeries and injuries
  • For treatment of tumors
  • During pain therapy
  • For the reinforcement of the immune system
  • For stabilization of the energy household
  • As a prevention of stress responses during transports

Papimi VetMed

Wie wirkt papimi bei Tieren?

  • Optimizes the bodily and energetic performance levels
  • Improved quality of life especially for older animals
  • Optimally complements conventional treatments without contraindication
  • Supports holistic the natural healing process
  • Reduces chronical and acute pain significantly without painkillers

Advantages of the IIT for animals

  • Painless
  • High acceptance for small and large animals
  • Supports wholistic therapeutical concepts and leads to amazing results
  • Simple use and short duration of treatments
  • Fast and effective

Treatment characteristics


The treatment loop of papimi is held closely to the affected part of the body


The exact distance to the body is determined through observation of the animal, so that the felt induction impulses are experienced as pleasant.


Usually the animals are acceptive of the treatment with the device. If required, the transport cage (plastic) or cuddle pillow can be placed directly on the treatment loop – for our very small & anxious patients.

Duration: 10-20 minutes per treatment


  • papimi affects the animal cell directly and efficiently
  • It results in the regeneration of the whole organism
  • Supportive during common therapies – faster and better transport of messenger substances to the organs (medication or active substances from plants)
  • Due to the penetration depth of approx. 20 cm, an effective ion-induction treatment is achieved
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