How does papimi work?

How it works…

  1. The electrical energy stored in the capacitor is conducted through a specific plasma chamber and transferred to the treatment loop.
  2. An impulse occurs. This impulse resembles a damped vibration with an impulse length of approx. 50 µs. The base frequency averages at 240 kHz.
  3. The energy is transferred through the plasma chamber (aerial spark gap). In the maximums and minimums of the damped vibration, high frequency vibration peaks (spikes) occur within the Mega- and Giga-Hertz range. The repetition rate (pulse rate) varies between 1 and 8 Hz or can be modulated.
  4. High electric voltages up to 40 kV and peak currents from up to 10,000 A occur within the treatment loop. This enables papimi to reach levels of energy transfer of 96 Ws (Joule) per impulse with a magnetic induction of 50-100 mT.
  5. The body is penetrated by a magnetic field that releases weak, electrical tensions and electrical currents with the same frequency like the initial magnetic impulses.

How does the ion-induction with papimi work?

The induced tension influences the energy balance of the somatic cells (mitochondria). This tension leads to an increased membrane potential (electroporation). As a general rule, the effect is athermal.

The pulses penetrate the organism. The flow density of the papimi-device, the magnetic field and the electric impact decrease with increasing distance of the treatment loop to the body.


  • Power supply: 230VAC, 50Hz, 10A
  • Main fuse: 2 x 10 A, T
  • Stimulus: complex
    • Power per impulse complex: max. 96Ws (Joules)
  • Power per impulse complex: max. 54 Ws
  • Base frequency: ~ 240 kHz
  • Impulse duration: ~ 50 μs
  • Resonance frequency (Biological tissue).: 0.2 to 300 MHz
  • Pulse rate settings: 1 to 8 impulses per second
  • Duration of treatment: 120-888 impulses, or 3-9 min
  • Treatment loop: Ø 18-20 cm, choice between ring or loop
  • Application part (EN 60601): type BF, also HF – type F
  • Safety installation: leakage current monitoring, double insulation, free-of-ground, magnetic isolation, fire insulation
  • Measurements: H 101 x W 55 x D 47 cm
  • Weight: ~ 90 kg
  • Medical product classification IIa

papimi is internationally patented and in accordance with the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EWG conformity class IIa. This medical device meets the requirements according to EN 60601-1 and 60601-2 (EMV). The production is according to EN 13485.

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