Physical medicine.

simply efficient.

The pulsed, electromagnetic fields are successfully used for the therapeutic treatment of wound healing deficits of the skin, ligaments and bones.

The effect of papimi on bones

In the field of bone healing through pulsed electromagnetic fields, numerous studies confirmed the effectiveness of papimi. Research confirms various effects: such as the buildup of new blood vessels or a raise in calcium concentration.

If used post-operatively, an excellent heal-up of implants can be observed. The non-invasive ion-induction therapy through papimi in medical clinics is recommended as an addition to conventional or complementary therapy concepts.

Main indications with highly positive research results confirm:
  • Treatment of degenerative disorders of the skeletal and locomotor system and spine
  • Treatment of fractures
  • Improvement of degenerative joint complaints

The use of IIT as a single therapy in the orthopedic field is a proven method, especially when treating problem patients. In addition, many positive results of biophysical treatment through papimi have been reported in the fields of competitive and high-performance sports.

Prim. Dr. med. Gerhard Fürst

Director of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation LKH (state hospital) Stolzalpe, Medical Head of Gesundheitspark Murau/Austria

I enjoy working with papimi because this treatment results in quick and profound therapy effects; through the proven significant increase of blod flow to the vessels and the cellular metabolism, papimi provides a wide array of application fields.

Main application fields

Physical Medicine. Sports Medicine. Rehabilitation.

Treatment of degenerative disorders of the skeletal and locomotor system and spine
Stimulation of bone healing after fractures
Improved heal-up of implants
Pain treatment
Bone marrow edema
Heel spur
Ankle joint
Tennis elbow
Achilles tendon
Proof according to a study of marathon runners in 2012:

Based on research on marathon runners, it was proven that the regenerative processes while suffering from sore muscles can be sped up significantly, thanks to the pulsed magnetic field therapy.

Expert opinions

Dr. Wolfgang Weinstabl

Specialist for Emergency Medicine and Manual Medicine

This treatment aims to raise the lowered membrane potential on cellular basis, back to the physiological level of 70 mV. The cells receive an energy boost and resume their initial function. However, if the suffered damages are too large, the respective cells are removed from their union without causing any further damage.

Dr. Braun von Gladiß

General and Holistic Medicine

papimi improves the electrical tension within somatic cells, cleanses diseased cells from slags and allows drugs to enter the cell more easily. This way papimi restores the organism’s energy needed for self-healing and staying healthy. This is why the papimi-device is internationally used in the fields of sports medicine and rehabilitation, as well as for the treatment of neurological diseases, cancers or chronic infections.

Markus Merkel, MD

Medical specialist for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Acupuncture, Manual Medicine, FDM by Typaldos

papimi is the ideal complement and a special highlight amongst the techniques I have used, perfectly suited to significantly reduce pain levels and lead to an improved functioning within short periods of time.

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