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The ion-induction therapy can be applied to people of all ages (except during pregnancy and known contraindications).
The ion-induction therapy is a process during which extremely short magnetic impulses of high power are created. These impulses are produced through spark gaps that induce tensions directly into the tissue through high-frequency magnetic impulses. Through the high power of the impulses, the treatment with papimi can penetrate the tissue even deeper and stimulate cell regeneration (penetration depth of up to 20 cm).
papimi is the most powerful device on the market and distinguishes itself from common devices, such as e.g. pads, mats or pillows in the home use. The treatment with papimi requires the attendance of a medical practitioner or therapist.
Depending on indication and degree of illness, the therapy is usually applied every second day or up to multiple times a day.
A sustainability of the treatment is achieved if it is not ended prematurely. This can occur, when a significant lowering of pain levels is achieved after a couple treatments. The suggestion of your doctor should be complied with implicitly.
The treatment with papimi during pregnancy is inadvisable. Electronic implants represent a contraindication; please consult your doctor before treatment.
The charge is determined by your doctor.
Many patients observe a significant change immediately after the treatment. Usually the positive effect is achieved within a couple of days.
The costs of this treatment are not covered by health insurances and have to be settled privately.
papimi can be used complementary to conventional therapy methods.
Patients have rarely reported increased symptoms after the first treatment. Further negative side effects have not been observed.

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