Ion-Induction Device.

Papimi is a pulsating magnetic field therapy device of the highest output, that gives off short repeatedly electromagnetic impulses over an applicator to the body and thereby regulates the energy management of the cell to its natural level. The assimilation of the cell is therefore normalised and the cell regeneration is re-established. The healthy capacity to regulate imprortant substances is ensured. The easy treatment is painless and only lasts a few minutes – an energeticly ballanced wellbeing may be experienced after the first treatment.


  • strongest PEMF device of its kind
  • resonance frequency of about 240kHz
  • easy application fully clothed in all areas of the body
  • short, painless and athermical treatment
  • remarkably wide range of appications without side effects
  • increase of wellbeing and improved immunity
  • applicator is HV and HF unearthed – safest device of its kind
  • plasma-chamber for the production of special bioresonance impulses
  • variable pulsingn with different applikators
  • over 15 years of experience with excellent results
  • worldwide patented original device according to DDr. P. Pappas

new features

more flexible:

meeting of all demands with differing applicators
(ring, spiral full-body)


new applicator fixation is now safe on contact

more comfortable:

new 270° flexible arm

modern touch screen dials

new dials for power changable applicators

less development of noise and heat during use

range of application

  • accident surgery
  • orthopaedics
  • physical medicine Medizin
  • dermatology
  • internal medizine
  • traumatology
  • sports medicine
  • dental medicine
  • rehabilitation & recreation
  • cosmetic medicine
  • veterinary medicine

The electrical energy, which is saved in a condensator inside the device and led through a plasma-chamber is given off to the applicator spool. The hereby generated impulse simulates a soft oscillation with a duration of only 50 μs and a frequency of resinance of about 240 kHz. As the enregy is led trough the plasma-chamber the highest peak in the oscillation range reaches mega and giga hertz dimesnions in its minimum and maximum spikes. The pulsating rate varies between 1 and 8 Hz. Because of the high voltage (up to 40 kV) and peaks of some 1000 A in the applicator spool, a delivery of energy per impulse of about 60 Ws (Joule) with a magnetic induction of 50-150mT is reached. The induction field entering the body produces weak electric currents of the same frequency and intensity as the first magnetic impulse. This thereby inducted voltage in the body effects the management of the cells (mitochondrias) and increases the membrane‘s potential. The result is athermic on principal. The depth of entering into the body of the healing impulses is thought to be at least 20 cm. The magnetic stream density of this device falls in direct proportion to the power of two of the distance. That means that the magnetic field and the electrical effects lose their power the higher the distances.


  • Supply voltage: 230 V~, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: max. 1,5 kVA,
  • Impulse output: Impulskomplexe 50 mT (loop) 100 mT (spiral)
  • Duration of impulses: ~ 50 μs
  • Frequency of resonances: ~ 240 kHz
  • High frequency (biolog.): 0,2 up to 300 MHz
  • Treatment applicator: selectable  (loop-, spiral-, full body applicator)
  • Application part: Typ BF
  • Pulsing rate levels: 1 to 8 impulses per second
  • Application period: 120–888 Impulses (P1-3), or 3–9 min. (T1-3)
  • Exhaust air: ozone < 120 μg/m3
  • Device covering: Double insulation, electrical covering, internal  magnetic covering, fire insulation
  • Dimensions: H 101 x B 55 x T 47 cm, (48x22x20 in)
    Weight: ~ 90kg (~160lb)

quality and safety

 The papimi device guarantees the highest quality, fuctionality and safety:

  • orthopeadics Quality assurance system acc. to EN ISO 13485: 2003
  • physical medicine dermatology in accordance to RL93/42 EWG
  • Type inspection
  • regular auditions and controls of the manufacturing site by the TÜV
  • output inspection
  • CE-labeling 0044
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