Papimi can work with a variety of different applicators. An applicator can be plugged into your papimi easily during therapy enabling a more specific form of therapy using this simple plug and play system.

The spiral-applicator is a powerful applicator (100 mT), since it has several strands and emits a more powerful force-field. Its shape is slightly flexible, which enables the user to adapt its form to the respective body part. The spiral applicator is particularly useful when applying to limbs, as these regions tend to be less sensitive and often require stronger therapy.

The loop-applicator is specifically designed to enable an easier and more effective therapy to limbs, neck, knees and head, centering the respective body part precisely in the strongest part of the field created by the ring shaped applicator. Another perk is the decreased strength of this single stranded applicator. Sensitive patients may prefer using this applicator, as a gentler alternative to the spiral applicator.

With the high voltage of up to 30.000 V and peaks of 10.000 A in the full-body-applicator an energy discharge per impulse of around 60 Ws (Joule) with an induction of 50-150 mT is reached. The induction field entering the body produces weak electric currents of the same frequency and intensity as the first magnetic impulse. This thereby inducted voltage in the body effects the management of the cells (mitochondrias) and increases the membrane‘s potential. The result is athermic on principal. The depth of penetration of effective induction of the full-body-applicagtor is at least 20 cm.

  • Efficient preparation for the following diagnosis and therapy treatment
  • massive stimulation of vasomotion
  • massive stimulation of metabolism
  • strongly increased de-toxification
  • loosening of rigid tissue


  • depth of induction ~20cm
  • colour: violet/white
  • prolonged load 120kg
  • high quality synthetic leather cover
  • length: 200 cm, width: 60 cm, height: 6 cm
  • weight: ~11 kg (~ 24 lbs)

papimi plus+ sport

The new „papimi plus+ sport“ version is stronger and often used in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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