Papimi therapy can be extended by using various accessoirs, which offer a more individually adapted user experience.

By an easy insertion of the spiral applicator a series of therapies of the pelvic floor area can medium dense wood fibre core be applied. The best position happens automatically through the sitting habits of most rounded corners people.

A change of applicators of the therapy device is not neccessary.

A hygenic and careful handling of the applicators is ensured.

Because of the comfortable seat: a high acceptance by patients. An eventual warming every existing spiral applicator fits, no special applicator neccessary of the applicator (perpetual usage) coming through the cushion is accepted well by the the  patient.


  • minimum time consumption
  • no static charge
  • spray painted white
  • easy cleaning
  • firm back of the chair
  • easy assembly with a few screws
  • bracket for easy insertion of a spiral applicator
  • every existing spiral applicator fits
  • no special applicator nessesary
  • comfortable form of therapy
  • washable cushion (30°)
  • cushion: 3cm thickness with velcro fastening
  • takes up to 140 kg of weight
  • height of seat ~ 48 cm


therapy bed – fixed

  • natural beech tree wood bed
  • divided into two zones to enable a comfortable position
  • practical storage space below
  • metal free and therefore no charge caused by device
  • colour: purple
  • high quality synthetic leather
  • open space for face
  • max. weight: 180 kg
  • length 182 cm, width 62 cm
  • adjustable height: 66-91 cm
  • perfect for papimi plus+ applicator



therapy bed – foldable

  • metal free and therefore no charge caused by device
  • wood
  • foldable
  • easily transportable with handles
  • high quality vinyl cover
  • opening for face
  • comes with bag
  • size: 182 cm x 70 cm
  • adjustable height 57-85 cm
  • padding: 28 kg/m3
  • weight: 12kg
  • perfect for papimi plus+

applicator arm

The applicator holder is an adjustable telescope pole, which can be attached to your device if desired. It can hold the applicator and can be tilted in all desired directions, as well as extended out. Using the applicator holder, the user can apply therapy to regions of the body that are difficult to reach or require strain to hold in place. The applicator holder also detaches from the pole, which helps the user to hold an applicator for longer periods.


Soft-pads are used to facilitate the application of papimi, by creating a controlled and reproducible distance between the body and the applicator, as well as ensure a more pleasant user experience when the applicator becomes too warm.

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