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Our Team

The company MTG Medizinisch-Technische Geräte GmbH has been operating successfully for more than 30 years. Our main focus lies on papimi. Every member of our team was able to gain positive experiences with papimi. This is why we live our mission statement.

Our goal is to establish the ion-induction therapy successfully. We offer doctors and therapists a highly efficient and biological treatment and accompany them to a successful therapy form.

Ing. C. Oliver Orlowski


Dino W. Gump


Elisabeth Madden

Director Business Development


Suyin Orlowski


Annmargareth Tasico

Assistant to the CEO

Ariane Niebauer

Office Administration


Dr. Markus Merkel

Specialist for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


The Manufacturer

The company Pulse Dynamics ltd. from Athens is our long-standing partner and manufacturer of papimi. The company is successfully run in second generation by Theocharis Pappas (son of the inventor of papimi).

The production of the device is carried out in the house-owned laboratory in Athens, where many parts are produced manually to ensure high quality and longevity. The production is according to European standards as well as the ISO-certification.

Theocharis Pappas
Theocharis Pappas 
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