For more than 20 years papimi has been successfully applied to various fields of the human and veterinary medicine.

A healthy organism depends heavily on the energy of healthy somatic cells. Only with sufficient amount of electric tension, the healthy cell is able to control vital functions.



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About papimi

When a somatic cell is too weak, the electric tension within is reduced, which leads to a generally disharmonized organism. papimi provides the necessary amount of energy at this exact moment.

The inventor, Prof. DDr. Panos Pappas, assumes that papimi raises the level of electric tension to its natural level.

By activating the cells and the organism, active agents (e.g. drugs) are evenly distributed and absorbed. papimi can be used as a single therapy or in conjunction with other therapies and reliably supports the natural healing processes.

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Fields of appliance

Physical medicine

papimi for a quick recovery of skin, ligaments and bones.
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Complementary medicine

Only the body can heal,
papimi supports it.
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Veterinary medicine

papimi is highly regarded by vets and accepted by animals
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papimi – scientifically proven

During the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia, a statistically significant reduction was observed before and after treatment of IPSS, as well as of mean urine flow rate in the electromagnetic group.


Hermann Maier

Austrian alpine ski racer

…because incidentally my leg stopped hurting. A couple of days before my flight, Heini had recommended a new Ion-induction therapy system called papimi, developed by Professor Dr. Panos Pappas from Athens. The papimi box looked as if it weighed a 100 kilograms and like a mixture between a washing machine and the Star Wars robot R2-D2. Through the high amount of electromagnetic energy, damaged cells are wicked away and the production of both new nerve and muscular tissue is encouraged. I skeptically agreed to this experiment. And indeed: after the treatments I always had a tingling sensation. This was a good sign, since my nerve and muscular tissue were totally damaged and my operated leg was practically numb. From then on, this magical box was accompanying me on my way back…
Original text from the autobiography by Hermann Maier “Das Rennen meines Lebens”

Priv.- Doz. Dr. med. Nils H. Thoennissen

In our holistic therapy concept at the clinic Kloster Paradiese, the papimi ion-induction therapy has become an integrated and vital part.

(Image source: Kloster Paradiese)

Klaus Maierstein

Head of physiotherapy 1. FC Köln

We have been using the papimi therapy for about one year now in a variety of fields. My objective opinion and the subjective view of the players confirm only positive effects regarding this method. Especially in the fields of regeneration and reduction of pain, we achieve significantly positive effects.
(Image source: 1. FC Köln)

Dr. Thomas Eibl

Dipl. Veterinarian (Vienna)

papimi rejuvenates the body, which impressively results in improved blood and laboratory findings. Animals usually react positively to the papimi effect – most of all, we can exclude the placebo effect.

Prof. Heinrich Bergmüller

Bergmüller centre, institute for mitochondrial medicine & nutrient physiology

Especially acute sports injuries react well to papimi treatments. The successes of the recent years can not even all be listed.

Dr. med. Wolfgang Komorzynksi

FA für Allgemeinmedizin

The positive experience after 12 papimi treatments with a 35 year old patient, suffering from a severe bone mark edema and a beginning avascular necrosis of the femoral head, was so impressive that the purchase of the papimi box paid off emotionally – even for this one experience.

Experiences with papimi

I enjoy working with papimi, because this treatment results in quick and far reaching therapy effects: through the confirmed significant improvement of blood flow to the tissue and the encouragement of the cellular metabolism, papimi has a wide field of application.
Prim. Dr. Gerhard Fürst, Specialist for Physical Medicine (state hospital Stolzalpe, Murau)
papimi is very effective in conjunction with common therapies and results in effects even where you usually have no success. The most common indications are of orthopedic nature, with headaches as well as psychosomatic illnesses linked to it.
Dr. Andrea Freund, General practitioner (Ried im Innkreis)
The best system, prevention and therapy for me! Immediate results!
M. Feichtinger-Kos (heel spur)
I have tried much – but there is no comparison to papimi and its effect!
M. Künzel (tendinopathy of the achilles tendon)
Finally a therapy that helped me to become free of complaints and to enjoy calm nights!
G. Whyt (incontinence)
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